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Integrated Marketing

Janastar partners with you to establish multiple customer touch-points, through your website, newsletters, emails, dimensional mailers, and  post-sale follow-ups.

Janastar will develop a customer data gathering process, and help you select the most precise mailing lists that match your target. As part of our marketing plan, we customize a template for your electronic newsletter, develop initial content and where needed, manage its regular creation and distribution.

Building a solid Brand image, consisting of customers’ perceived value of the product, its service and communication programs is directly linked to increasing your company’s equity. Your Brand, reflected and integrated across all communications pieces, customer service and the product itself, should be held to the highest standards. Ultimately customers and prospects will link your Brand to your customer commitment, product quality and value, data privacy, and overall trust and integrity. Janastar offers Logo Packages which in all cases, ensures your logo reflects your Brand image and promise.

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Continuous Improvement

Bad customer service is a precursor to company failure. The service hurdle bar needs to be raised every day. Through careful attention to  trends in customer and employee satisfaction levels, your chances for success are enhanced.

Janastar will implement a Continuous Improvement process for your business that will enable you to leverage strengths and correct weaknesses. Options include our Silent Partner™ Mystery Shopping programs, Customer Surveys using Janastar's Performance Importance Matrix, Competitive Analysis and Focus Groups.

Silent Partner Analysis. Often referred to as "mystery shopping", Janastar reviews your operation as customers in order to help monitor and improve service and quality consistency and standards. Areas reviewed are customized to previously-defined criteria. Janastar reviews your product, service and customer experience first-hand. We gather information first-hand, from your key employee team and your customers.

Timely feedback is provided, offering a basis for quality control, incentives and competition.  The Silent Partner Analysis (SPA™) monitors and controls the consistency of your product offering - and ensures all customer touch points reflect your brand's equity.

Performance vs. Importance.  Our surveys introduce the measurement of performance versus importance allowing the business owner to first learn what is important to the customer throughout all aspects of their experience, then to identify how well the business scores in delivering against those ratings.

Net Promoter Score.  How likely will your customers recommend your products and services to their friends or associates?  Learn why certain customers or demographics promote you, while others may be considered detractors. Become more focused on improving products and services that mean the most to your clients, and see your revenue climb.

Putting it all together.  Though able to purchase each service separately, we have bundled essential services into convenient, competitively priced packages offering three levels of marketing thrust.

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Website Development

From simple to complex, Janastar can design, develop and manage your company's website, creating the visibility most desired to attract and retain customers.

Our QuickStart web package establishes a web presence using your company's branding.

Select from many other packages, including our PowerWeb which includes full storyboard review, focus group, usability test, keyword search and search engine .

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