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  • This entry-level marketing program offers companies a way to quickly create visibility in their demographic marketplace. Using the company’s Brand imagery, a well-composed website and initial direct marketing campaign piece is developed.

    The QuickPresence package affords clients the opportunity to “test the waters” by developing a simple, yet attractive community presence. Selecting from a set of flexible internet templates, clients may choose colors, website navigation menus, and graphics to find the best way to express their company. Included in the QuickPresence website is a “contact us” form, enabling our clients to obtain orders, comments and questions from their customers.



  • Janastar’s most popular package, our mid-tier marketing program allows clients to establish and maintain Brand identity across all collateral – electronic and traditional. A “push-pull” strategy is developed, which draws customers to your website and establishment. Using direct mail, email newsletters and bounce-back incentives, we place our clients on “top-of-mind” with customers and prospects.

    Our client's website presence offers customers the ability to order online. Additionally, we include the ability to signup for e-newsletters and promotions on your website, further increasing the likelihood for customers to return. Email addresses are maintained in an email address database, where our clients may target electronic mailings based on categories of interest.



  • Our goal is to develop a steady stream of customers using the Pareto rule of 80/20: 80% repeat customers, and 20% new customers at any one time. This approach will reduce marketing costs over time, and allow for backfilling any customer churn.

    Expanding upon services offered through the PowerPresence, Janastar’s ProfessionalPresence marketing package allows clients the freedom of expression and flexibility by teaming key representatives with a graphics designer to create a Brand identity across electronic and traditional media.

    A “Customer for Life” strategy is developed and implemented based upon survey, competitive review and mystery shopping data. Janastar compiles the data twice each year, and presents its findings, along with recommendations based on its trademarked PI™ (Performance/Importance), SPA™ (Silent Partner mystery shopping Analysis) and Effort vs. Impact customer research. Through this continuous improvement process, our clients are ensured their core product offering contains the most critical leveragable assets that keep customers coming back.

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