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 Janastar Assists You Throughout the Product Lifecycle


Customer-Centric Product Development

Janastar can help you optimize your development process, reduce your design and production costs, and enhance innovation.  Your direct benefit will be an increase in profitability and more secure, stable client relationship.

  • Imagine running a new software program for the very first time, and knowing exactly what to do, without scratching your head, looking in the user's guide or calling customer service.

  • Dream of opening a package of cereal without tearing it.

  • Picture being asked by a company to review their product to see if it will meet your needs - before it is even developed!


Customer-Centric Product Development depends on the Voice of the Customer (VOC).  Customer-Centric Product Development involves the end-user (your customer) from the beginning of your product's lifecycle, to ensure your productís success.  We validate your product's value from the client's perspective, allowing you to enhance the customer experience, while qualifying and quantifying success metrics in every step of your productís lifecycle. 

Customer-Centric Product Development enables your customer to invest their ideas in your product, giving them a sense of ownership.  You maintain a focus on those items considered by your customers as Critical to Quality (CTQ).  The direct result is securing a vocal, caring customer, who is less apt to jump to a competitor.  Their switching costs are increased, you retain a "customer for life," and profits climb. 

Product Lifecycle

No matter what your company calls each step in a product lifecycle, there is always a beginning, and an end.  A product's beginning may be leveraged off an existing product (enhancement, upgrade, next-generation).  Similarly the product's end can be the catalyst for the next product's beginning.

A simple, easy-to-remember definition is the course of a product from the inception of the original idea through development, implementation and maintenance, until it is either replaced or no longer useful.

Typical phases (regardless of the name) include an inception and feasibility study, design and development, product launch and post-launch support.  We'll review these generic phases.  For a more detailed definition, please feel free to contact us.

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Click on an item, below, to learn how Janastar can help you generate  opportunities for increased revenue, a greater share of your customer's wallet, and repeat business success.

Inception & Feasibility

  • Product Strategy.  Assess your product strategy to determine its competitive viability and return on investment, so it may be best positioned for internal acceptance and funding approval.

  • Focus Groups Using small groups of your target population, we perform qualitative research to gather real-world opinions about your product's feasibility, usefulness and potential.  You gain direct customer feedback.

  • Surveys.  Validate and quantify success measurements, opportunities and positioning uncovered during your focus sessions. 

Design & Development

  • Storyboard.  We present clients and prospects with illustrations of how your product works, to see if it makes sense from a functional perspective.  You have the opportunity to fix flaws before the product is developed. 

  • Content Development.  Marketing professionals create screen copy and supporting collateral to clearly get the message across to your target audience.

  • Website Development.   From simple to complex, Janastar can design, develop and manage your website, creating the visibility most desired to attract and retain customers. 

  • Usability Test.  Is it working the way you thought it would?  We test typical end-users to see if the product is easy to use from their (versus the designer's) perspective.


  • Outbound Marketing Strategy.  Telling your story is key to a product's success.  We develop an outbound marketing strategy for each of your target markets, offering the greatest impact to those segments.

  • Implementation & Migration Strategies.  What's the optimal way to implement your product?  What internal and external challenges await?  Does an existing product require a migration strategy?  Implement a change management process prior to new product implementation.

  • E-Contacting.  Maintain brand awareness and ensure clients and customers keep your products in their mind, through direct and social media communication contacting techniques. 

Client Advocacy & Post-Launch Support

  • Customer Relationship Management.  We help you design a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, ensuring optimal communication via any desired channel.  Leverage your customer and prospect data to best ensure each target market receives the attention they require.

  • Client Advisory Boards.  Clients become partners.  We help develop a strong bond with your clients by obtaining their perspective on strategies, tactics and your productís best practices.   

  • Client Conferences.  Clients learn your productís best practices, tips and techniques from their peers, and how to best leverage them in order to make their programs successful.

  • Continuous Improvement ProcessBad customer service is a precursor to company failure. The service hurdle bar needs to be raised every day. Through careful attention to trends in customer and employee satisfaction levels, your chances for success are enhanced.

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