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Outbound Marketing Strategy

At Janastar, we don't believe that "if you build it, they will come."  Your outbound marketing strategy must develop, build, design, craft and execute activities that educate, sell and influence buyer decisions, sales positioning and prospect contacting.

Developed with branding as a key driver, strategies are created to leverage the best opportunities for product distribution.  Market segmentation reviews are conducted across the field, marketing groups and target base.  Pricing, positioning and promotion include updates to internal and external product support material, regional meetings, press releases, news articles and tradeshows.

Services Provided:
  • Affiliate programs

  • Brand enhancements

  • Collateral review

  • Database marketing

  • Integrated marketing

  • Marketing plan development

  • Press kits

  • Pricing

  • Product training guides

  • Promotional material

  • Sales kits

  • Tradeshow development



Implementation and Migration Strategies

Prior to launching a new or upgraded product, your company should prepare to foster effective change management - internally and externally.   Customer service desks must have new support processes in place.  If it's an upgrade, ensure your help desk is ready to provide both standard and custom support.  Distributors and resellers should have product logistics prepared and supporting materials available.  "How to" and troubleshooting documentation should be distributed to the field in support of new product implementations and migrations.  Strategies for smooth transition from the client's existing product to yours, need to be well thought out and tested.

Services Provided:
  • Conversion logistics planning

  • Customer conversion scheduling

  • Customer readiness guide

  • Fallback process planning

  • Internal Conversion guide

  • Migration plan

  • Staff readiness assessment and development

  • Troubleshooting guide



Electronic contacting is a powerful way to maintain brand awareness across your customer and prospect base.  Through email-and social networking- based programs, a "pull" strategy may be effectively executed, building loyalty and establishing a continued "in-sight, in-mind" approach to your targeted base.

Targeted emails are managed, using permission-based, opt-in strategies to deliver pertinent, "customized" content, to further solidify your customer bond.

Services Provided:
  • Email customer interaction strategy

  • E-Newsletter and Social Media template development

  • Newsletter creative management

  • Newsletter distribution management

  • Opt-in / out management

  • Push-Pull strategy development


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