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Inception & Feasibility


Inception & Feasibility

Product Strategy


Working with your companyís strategists, Janastar applies your vision, mission and point-of-arrival goals to help you formulate a short- and long-term product strategy.  This strategy provides a framework to identify the most appropriate products for your target markets.  Competitionís strength and weaknesses are identified to best position your product in the selected markets.

Services Provided:
  • Competitive assessment

  • Corporate point of arrival strategy

  • Gap analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Product definition

  • Strategic plan

  • Value proposition


Focus Groups

Janastar arranges and hosts this qualitative marketing research to get direct and immediate reaction to, or generate new product ideas or enhancements.  Usually a small group of 5-9 clients or prospects from the target market are interviewed in an informal face-to-face, web- or phone-based meeting.

Services Provided:
  • Internal team workshops

  • One-on-one reviews

  • Phone-based focus sessions

  • Segmented face-to-face customer focus groups

  • Web-based focus sessions



Through surveys, Janastar quantifies the value of product ideas and enhancements obtained during focus sessions.  Additionally, surveys act as a way to provide primary data to understand buying patterns and help drive overall product strategy.  Surveys may be conducted through face-to-face interviews, by phone, land-mail, e-mail or the Internet.

Services Provided:
  • Continuous improvement surveys

  • Email surveys

  • One-on-one surveys

  • Performance vs. Importance surveys

  • Phone surveys

  • US Mail surveys

  • Web-based quantitative surveys


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