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Client Advocacy


 Post-Launch Support



Client Advocacy & Post-Launch Support

Customer Relationship Management

Find, get and maintain your customers.  Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes well beyond an enterprise-based software system.  It's the core of a customer-centric strategy that marries people, processes and technology with marketing, sales and service.  CRM helps support your strategies by looking at the entire relationship you have with a customer, through integration of information, support and sales systems.

Janastar looks at the customer and prospect information you have now, the information you would like to gather, and brings in the experts to help gather and maintain that information for you.  Then using your available information and data gathering tools we develop effective marketing and support strategies to best leverage it.

Services Provided:
  • Competitive assessment

  • CRM review & recommendation

  • Data touch point analysis

  • Holistic customer mapping


Client Advisory Boards

Combine a Client Relationship Management strategy with a "Client-Managed Relationship" strategy to create a win-win solution.  Research indicates clients are more apt to become repeat customers when they feel a sense of ownership in the product development process.  Janastar helps you strengthen your bonds with your clients by obtaining their perspective on strategies, tactics and your product's best practices.

Janastar helps you implement an environment where your clients become your product advocates.  An Advisory Board allows your clients to participate in developing strategies around products they are most likely to buy.  A sense of pride is generated by these customers, who become some of your most effective salespeople.  

Services Provided:
  • Best practice acquisition

  • Advisory board recruitment

  • Meeting scheduling

  • Advisory board meeting management

  • Post-meeting analysis


Client Conferences

What an effective way to soft-sell to a captive audience!  When developed using a client-centric approach, clients are able to learn about your products from their peers.  Best practices, tips and techniques are shared, enabling them to make their programs a success through use of your products.

Clients are given the opportunity to meet the people responsible for the development, support and quality of your products.

Customer-centric conferences have proven to be a superb environment to cross- and up-sell to an established client base.  As you are marketing to an established client base, cost per sale is generally greatly reduced, enhancing your return on investment.

Services Provided:
  • Site selection

  • Conference pricing

  • Scheduling

  • Event planning

  • Session development

  • On-site management

  • Customer logistics

  • Event collateral development

  • Reservation management

  • Conference survey management

  • Post-conference de-briefing & evaluation


Continuous Improvement Processes

Bad customer service is a precursor to company failure -- the service hurdle bar needs to be raised every day. Through careful attention to trends in customer and employee satisfaction levels, your chances for success are enhanced.  After products and services are launched, Janastar continues to review their performance from a cost and revenue perspective.  Your processes are mapped to identify further weaknesses and Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ).  Root-cause analysis is performed, net promoter score (NPS) and continuous improvement surveys are gathered, and quantifiable recommendations for improvement are delivered, improved upon and controlled.

Services Provided:

  • Net Promoter Score Survey - Internal and External

  • Continuous improvement survey

  • Customer contacting

  • Mystery shopping & comprehensive analysis

  • Process re-engineering

  • Report card


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