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Janastar is passionate about the customer experience. 

We're provide marketing and consulting services that ensure your productís success through competitive research, enhanced Brand value and customer-centric development. 



Our "Customer-Centric Product Development" approach validates your product's value from the customer's perspective, allowing you to enhance the customer experience, while qualifying and quantifying success metrics in every step of your productís lifecycle. 


Maximize the opportunities to retain your clients for life.  

Janastar can help you generate  opportunities for increased revenue, a greater share of your customer's wallet, and repeat business success.

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To learn more about Customer-Centric Product Development, and how Janastar can add value throughout your product's lifecycle by listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC), click on one of the topics, below.  Better yet, contact Janastar directly.


Janastar Creates and Implements Programs Designed to Generate Opportunities For Increased Revenue Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Find out how by clicking here for an overview of the Lifecycle Phases, and Customer-Centric Product Development.

For greater details, click on the phases, below.


Measure success

What data is used to measure success of your program?  How relevant is it to your competition?  Are the trends going up or down, and are internal or external factors affecting your profits?

Janastar measures success of your products and services compared to what's truly critical -- we identify key indicators and trends and deliver them through a monthly report card, allowing you to uncover hidden opportunities. Now you can identify whether your revenue fluctuations are due to internal or external factors, and focus your attention where it's needed most.

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